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on Thu Oct 14 00:30:00 SGT 2004

Kewl. Spent 5 minutes downloading and slapping on FCKEditor on the apps/views/*.rhtml files.. And now I have this!

FCKEditor is really kewl. Unfortunately, Firefox 1.0 seems to be incompatible.. rendering a perfectly cross-browser HTML editor to be IE only for now..

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? Ok.. apparently Firefox 1.0 has an issue with the javascript reference for navigator.userLanguage, so I'd removed it plus changing some swip-swap use of getElementById and getElementsByName... now this forum has HTML editing for both IE and Firefox.

PS: Somebody recommend me an alternative to navigator.userLanguage?

on Thu Oct 14 10:42:00 SGT 2004 [Delete]


? Decided not to use my own fix, rather apply the patch by Simone

on Thu Oct 14 11:04:00 SGT 2004 [Delete]


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